Friday, December 30, 2011


I have been meaning to post a blog for a while. This semester has been so crazy. I should’ve been blogging to release some  the feelings I’ve been harboring this semester.

This is my 2011 recap blog. It has been quite a year. 2011 started out as a new start for me. It started with Passion in Atlanta, Georgia. I finally surrendered the issue I’d been clinging to for so long to God on that trip. I gave in, I let Him have it, I gave Him my life, including my love life, which I’d so desperately been trying to control. It was an amazing trip and I am so excited for this years’ trip to Passion. Here is a pic from last year:

After Passion, I started back at school, as an RA. I love my RA friends and I miss you all so much! We had so many good times that semester J I miss you all so much and really loved working with each and every one of you!! <3

As the semester continued, Spring break came and I went to New Orleans with Cassie, Amy and Lacy! It was our last spring break trip together (we have had some good ones :)! And it was so much fun!!!! Love you all!!!

 In March, my life changed again, in two ways. Firstly, I went on a church retreat with some amazing women to Pigeon Forge. It was a life changing trip for me. I grew so much closer to God and I decided to commit my life to God in a way I had never publically done before. I got up in front of the group and made a public commit to surrender my life to Him. This turned into my Baptism in May (more to come on that J

Also in March and April (and kinda February), I started talking to this boy. This boy, this boy I had known since freshman year of college. I’d always been a fan of him but this talk was different. This talk turned into the relationship that I am currently in and that brings so much bliss to my life. This boy is incredible. He is so good to me and I am so excited about our future together J

The semester ended in a very different way than it had begun. I was happily falling in love with Tripp, moving out of a dorm for the last time, and preparing for my Baptism. I was also having to say goodbye to two of my dearest college friends who were graduating. Lacy and Amy, I miss you all so much!! It’s crazy to not see you all anymore!!

I also had to say goodbye to some other amazing people, Martha (glad you’re close by girl!), Dustin Painter, Keith Marwitz. These are just a few of the wonderful people that were graduating and going on to do big things with their lives! I am so happy to know each of you! Keith and Dustin, you were my college friends before I was in college! I love that I can still call you both my friends! Martha! You're amazing! I look forward to seeing you lots more this next year, since you're so close!

Two Sunday’s after the semester ended, I was baptized. It was incredible, making that commitment to God and my church. It has been such a wonderful journey getting to be a part of the First United Methodist of Sylva community. There are some amazing people that have become such a big part of my life. I love my church family and could not do without the support and love they give me! Especially my accountability group that has become so important to me!
Also in May, I turned 21! My baby brother graduated from high school in the beginning of June!

Summer began with a wisdom teeth removal, moving in and super cleaning a house that Cassie and Emily and I moved into, and preparing for the biggest physical (and even spiritual) journey I’d every taken—the trip to Burkina Faso, Africa. I have blogs galore on this trip and pics on my facebook. This trip has changed the way I think about everything. It is just the beginning of the mission work that is in my future. I feel that God does want me to continue to do mission work and to lead mission trips and take a leadership role in being a disciple to His people. This is just the beginning.

After Africa, I jumped back into school, student teaching, life. There was a slight road bump when I had my first seizure. September 4th, at 8 a.m., I seized. My first emergency room trip is now a total blur, can’t remember much at all. My catscan and EEG looked fine. The doctors (three of them), said I was probably just too stressed, not sleeping enough. We made adjustments at my house. Tripp, Cassie, Jenny D., and so many others helped drive me places, babysat me. They were amazing and I could not have gotten through this semester without all the help! It was so nice to have my church family praying. Things got back to normal and then I had another seizure, October 4th. This time, the doctors thought something was up. A neurologist appointment was scheduled for December and I continued to adjust life. No night time driving, minimal driving of children, no long distance trips. This was a huge test for me. I am Miss Independent. I do things myself thank you very much. God was teaching me to slow down and to let other people be a part of my life and help me. He was teaching me to depend on Him, to focus on what’s important.

Finally, in December, we learned I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. It’s mild and is characterized by the tremors that I’ve had for years. With medicine, I should be able to live a normal life. It will not go away and I will always have to take medicine. This was hard for me to accept. But, the news really is fairly good news and this is something to be thankful for.  I have to be a little careful with my sleep and my stress level but other than this, I will be healthy J

Another huge thing happened in December. One of my best friends, Cassie Moore, graduated. I cannot believe she is graduating and leaving the house! She has been a huge source of comfort, help and strength this semester. I have had the honor of watching her grow, as a person and as a child of God. To see her faith grow as it has, I am just beyond happy for her. I don’t know what I will do without her this semester! She has helped me with everything, dealing with Africa, boys, friends, my shortcomings and insecurities, my seizure stuff, babysitting. She has been a huge source of encouragement this semester, and such a good friend for years. I hate to say goodbye to her so I am not doing it, not until she gets a job in Hawaii or something J Love you Cassie. So much! Always here for you!!!

It’s been quite a year. This about sums it up…lots of highs, lots of lows. The future that I have thought about for years seems so close…marriage, missions, my purpose in life, my teaching career…it all seems so real, so touchable where I am at now. I feel like my grown up life is beginning.

Anyways, happy New Year! May it be filled with blessings, even if there are trials. May it be filled with new beginnings, even if there are endings.

Nothing Without Him,