Monday, September 16, 2013

Wedding Part 2

I had some amazing friends help me throughout wedding planning! Two of them are Kandi Newkirk and Mindy Curtis.

These two were crucial in the planning; they provided tons of advice and tips about weddings and (more importantly) marriage itself; they allowed for their kids to be in my wedding and helped prepare them for the day. I am so blessed to call these inspirational women my friends!

(Found the 5K pic :) )

Well before the wedding, we went to a mall somewhere near Hickory where they encouraged me as I got a makeover. I don't like makeup. But the lady at the mall did a fantastic job!

Mindy was then willing to replicate this make up twice! Once for a practice session and once for real on the morning of the wedding!

I am beyond thankful that they are in my lives and helped me so with all wedding needs. I have learned so much from these ladies.

I also want to feature my amazing wedding luncheon in this blog! Another friend, Julie, put together an amazing luncheon for me, a few friends, and the wonderful women in my family the day before the wedding. This was beyond spectacular and I felt so spoiled! Mindy also helped greatly with this!

My beautiful chair holder!

 The food was divine!!! The dessert was amazing!!!

We even had a photo booth with chalk boards and floppy hats! I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures from this luncheon! I felt so spoiled that day, being able to relax with my friends and family!

Here is a picture of the ring bearer and flower girl, who Mindy and Kandi graciously allowed to be in my wedding! They were perfect together!

Thank you to Julie, Mindy, & Kandi for all you did to make my day so special!!! <3

--Nothing Without Him--

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  1. awwww. I just saw this. NO, sweet Jenny. It is we (and I can confidently speak for all three of us - Kandi, Julie and myself) who are blessed to have YOU in our lives and IN the lives our children!!!
    LOVE you so much.