Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Recap

I cannot believe it is 2014! Time seems to go by so quickly. Before I began posting about new happenings in my life, I wanted to review last year. It was a big year for me in many ways but I'll start in the beginning!

  • I lived in three places in 2013! 
    • The first two places were with Cassie. We started out the year living in an adorable villa in Dillsboro. In February, we moved to a cheaper and much less adorable apartment in Sylva. And it snowed twice right after we moved!

    • The third place is where I now live with my hubby. In August, Tripp & I moved into our first real house in Alarka (part of Bryson City). 

  • I had three different jobs in 2013!
    • I continued with my teaching job at SME! I started a new school year in the fall, same classroom & grade! Thanks to Tabatha who helped me make it through my first year! 
    • February-July, I worked as the interim Children's Ministry Coordinator at my church, First United Methodist of Sylva. I could not have done this job without Tripp, Cassie, Carolyn Colton, Susan Huss, and many of the other people who volunteered to teach children's church! Thank you to those that were so helpful. The job brought to light how frustrating it is to be in a church full of people who are unwilling to volunteer their time for God's work. There are various reasons people have for not helping but I encourage you, if you are able, volunteer ANY amount of time at your church. There is a lot of work that happens behind the scene and it is truly disheartening to how few people actually volunteer their time. 
    • In the summer, I was the head teacher of a summer school class for school aged children! It was so much fun!
    • I guess I had 4ish jobs! I also continued babysitting, although usually Tripp helped. And I helped Tripp teach a toddler, and in the fall school age and toddler, Spanish class. It is also fun!
  • I traveled A LOT in 2013! 
    • Almost every month, we traveled to Gastonia to visit Tripp's family. We also traveled to Franklin often to visit my family. 
    • I went to Hilton Head with these two beautiful ladies! Love them and am so excited to travel with them again this February. 

    • In March, I traveled to Gaitlinburg, TN for the 3rd annual Sylva Community Women's Retreat! I cannot any pictures BUT it was a wonderful time spent with old and new friends. I led a small group with discussion questions that were given to me (thankfully) and was so honored to be a part of this time of growth with some amazing women! 
    • In April, I went to Chattanooga, TN with my baby brother! We had a great time, eating yummy food, checking out the aquarium and watching an Imax movie! 

    • In June, I traveled to traveled to Isle of Palms/Charleston, SC for my honeymoon! We then flew to Chicago, which was a blast! 
    • In July, we went to the beach with Tripp's family. We went to North Myrtle Beach! 
    • At the end July, Tripp & I traveled to Texas to bring my sister some of her things as she was moving there. We also brought her lovely dog. 

    • In November, we traveled to Winston-Salem for a conference for Tripp. Matthew was there too, performing with his gamelan class. It was great seeing him perform and hanging with my hubby! 
    • This December we traveled a lot! We did the usual trips to Gastonia and Franklin to see family. Then, we went to Florida! We went first with our friends, Cassie & Rachel, to go to the Wizarding World park at Islands of Adventures! Then, we went further south to Sarasota to visit my family. I am so thankful Cassie & Rachel were willing to make this happen!

  • This year was full of big life changing events! 
    • In May, my (at the time) fiance graduated college! I am so proud of him! He then began filling out bunches of job applications as I finished my first year of teaching!

    • In June, Tripp & I were married! I've already posted two long blogs about that :) 
    • In June also, my sister moved to Texas to work for Teach For America. I am very proud of her, although I miss her very much!
    • In July, Tripp got a teaching job in Andrews! He teaches middle & high school chorus.
  • A great deal of other things changed in 2013. 
    • Our eating habits changed dramatically, which is in another blog. 
    • I watched two dear friends have a falling out and still feel very saddened by it, even tho so much time has passed. 
    • Tripp & I have begun looking at buying a house in the near future. 
    • I shaved my head. 
    • I ran two 5ks! 
    • I read some books and found new, great music to listen to.
    • I watched lots of Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, and New Girl. 
    • I went to 4 very special weddings.
    • A dear friend had a new baby, a beautiful little girl!
A big event began happening in October, when my family learned that my mother has breast cancer. This is a constant daily struggle that I will blog about more.

2013 was a big year, so many good things and some not so good things. One thing that hasn't and will never change is that God is always with me. I don't always communicate well with Him, but, regardless of my actions or lack thereof, He is here with my, guiding me through each. 

Thanks to all for the support and love in 2013! Looking forward to another great year with friends and family! 

--Nothing Without Him--


  1. I love you Jenny! I can't wait for our trip to hilton head. And that falling out ---- it still makes me sad too! <3

    1. Love you too! I couldn't help but think of the fall out when I thought of Hilton. But I am excited for the trip again this year! And for your upcoming party :)