Sunday, June 29, 2014

Clean and Green

As I've mentioned in a previous blog, my husband and I have been striving towards eating 'cleaner' by avoiding highly processed foods, limiting our meat intake, etc. We are doing this to live more simply which is allowing us to grow closer to God. We have saved money (even though we are buying a lot of organic foods) which helps us serve Him monetarily. We have a stronger appreciation for the natural food around us and for all that He gives us.

Through this journey, there have been a lot of websites that we've found or that friends have shared that have helped us. Our clean eating has turned into much more. We are continuously looking to 'clean' up all aspects of our life. We use natural or organic soaps and house cleaners. We have a budget and expenditure sheet that lists everything we spend each month, which helps us to not buy things we do not need. We moved houses and gave away a lot of stuff we just don't need.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite websites that have helped in this journey. The research is out there and it is scary what we are doing to our bodies. I encourage everyone to take at least one area of their life and 'clean' it up!

* Let me just say that we have saved A TON of money on laundry soap! I have only had to make two batches since January. Granted there are only two of us living here, but I don't think I made a full batch either time (I didn't have a container big enough). The soap is great and all natural (I use an organic bar soap), our clothes are great, and it is SO MUCH CHEAPER! 

In conclusion, be clean. I don't care about the environment as much as I should but I do care about the health of my family, friends, and myself (I guess the environment is related to that so we should treat it well too). There are so many small things that can make a big impact on your money and your body. I feel so much healthier with our new lifestyle. My husband and I have both accidentally lost weight. 

Nothing Without Him

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  1. You have done so well! Your strength of mind and spirit are inspiring!